About Us


Gelenbevi Scientific Research Journal (GSR Journal), an international refereed journal, begins its publication life in late of 2021. The journal, which is published electronically in three issues on February 27,  May 31 and November 31, aims to share new studies with scientists in many different fields such as “Health Sciences”, “Engineering”, “Social, Human and Administrative Sciences” and “Science and Mathematics”.  The aim of the journal is to publish original studies, review articles, case reports, technical notes, research briefs, commentaries, and book reviews,  in all sub-fields of scientific research and to encourage interdisciplinary studies in these fields. Through a peer-review process, our articles are ensured to be original work that adheres to all scientific publication guidelines. The official publication languages of the journal are English and Turkish.

Gelenbevi Scientific Research Journal (GSR Journal) respects the scientific submission of its authors, therefore, all submitted manuscripts are quickly processed through a double review process. We aim to complete the review process within the planned time frame.

Gelenbevi Scientific Research Journal (GSR Journal) is an open access journal. via the Internet; It can be freely accessed, read, downloaded, copied, distributed, printed, scanned, linked to full texts, indexed, transferred as data to software and used for any legal purpose, without financial, legal or technical barriers.

Gelenbevi Scientific Research Journal (GSR Journal) believes in protecting the privacy rights of human subjects. To comply with this, the journal instructs all authors (when uploading the article) to also include ethics committee consent (human/animals) and the informed consent of the participants in the article. This also applies to Case Reports / Assessments involving animal/human subjects and specimens.

Scientific responsibility of the articles belongs to the authors.

Gelenbevi Scientific Research Journal (GSR Journal) does not charge any fees for article submission, article evaluation and article publication.